Tempeh incubator

The amazing – Bulb-in-a-Box!

how to make a tempeh incubator

Electrocution should be avoided by using waterproof materials and insulating tape.


Water resistant socket.

The glimmer dimmer:

Best practices:


It is a bulb-in-a-box.

NASA certified heat shield made out of military-grade aluminum, and 1000-fiber shop rags – keeps the lid from raclette-ing.

The shield should be put on prior to use.

The naked box worked fine; a little water and insulation help regulate temperature much better.

The progeny:


We’re all in – moldy beans..

Simple process, outside of shucking the beans.

And, drying the beans.

Monitoring the beans…

Worlds better than store bought, tho.

Per the advice of Betsy Shipley, mother of Michigan moldy beans and the originator of the street-beat, Ann Arbor not-dog, the finished cakes are baked at 180F for 30 minutes to stop the fermentation process.

Does anyone know what happened to Jamal?

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