When Daniel was young, he was often accused of telling stories. That was said in a very derogatory way.

He remembers being compared to Frederick the mouse by his grandmother, a mouse that at least spells his name the correct way, but is otherwise useless. Because – while all the other mice were trying to gather what was needed to survive the winter – Frederick sat on a log, bathing in the sun; making up stories. It’s all told very nicely with regards to him, but they likely would have been better off if he’d contributed to the communal well-being.

Daniel continues to enjoy bathing in the sun and still tells stories – and that’s still considered derogatorily. However, the down-low, slide-in snide remarks no longer regard veracity, now, mostly content.

His first, documented story was written on a band-aid, severed along the edge such that the layers fanned out. That would become the first of many first-aid publications, and he then claimed that it contained such evil that simply breaching the sticky cover would condemn one to eternal hell.

After reading one of Daniel’s short stories, Legendary Baril Hollis said he’d never put his eyes on anything again. He didn’t elaborate.