Leaves are not very satisfying

Technically, another story from the monsters. However, and despite this being more from a summer of indulgence, Leaves was actually written with a purpose, a story in mind and a curiosity to try something different. To that – indulgently – I feel like it wholly succeeds, and being that it is an attempt at something new, from a new perspective, The Monsters of Amapa remains ended, and Leaves strikes off of its own – just like the featured character.

The battle for the universe has turned. The once small colony on Barajanusy has pushed outward, and continues to move further off through space, pushing away the Nyble with increased proficiency.
That offensive moves to regions of unknown, into sectors where there are others with their own methods of resistance: Resistance that meets any that isn’t known.
Those resisting against a common enemy, don’t find that they are welcome.