Incident on 95

There’s a bridge on one of the turnpikes in Pennsylvania or Ohio, where an accident has occurred more than once as we’ve passed, and for whatever reason i was thinking about it, recalling one where the front end of a semi was hanging off the edge.

I’m not sure at all why that was on my mind, but i always used to think about that bridge when we considered hauling the trailer that direction, considering campgrounds.

For whatever reason i was thinking about it, when a conversation or two i’d held slid into the rumination, as well as many memories – and now caution held against – of getting tired behind the wheel. I was thinking to myself, i do know better, while also recalling many circumstances where i’ve pushed myself. I have heeded the man’s advice with whom i held the conversation and his warnings now push me towards the nearest exit.

So, that’s where this started from, thinking to myself just how the story starts, sort of a self-mockery. But like a lot of ideas that get turned around for a minute, it started rolling through other thoughts. As i started writing, i had an idea of what i wanted to do and knew where it was ending, but the characters didn’t really find their roles until a couple in. So how it got there ended up a little different than originally planned, but i consider that a positive.